Thursday, August 5, 2010

Drake - Message From You

Been a minute. But we are back. And damn. Some new Drizzy, and it's sick as hell.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lil Wayne f. Drake - Right Above It (Radio Rip)

These guys make really good music together. Old Drake verse, but still fresh nonetheless.


Drake Speaks On Thank Me Later Regrets

"The saddest part to me is that I would have made '9 AM in Dallas' the intro for the album, but I did it the day of mastering, which is crazy, so it couldn't make the album," Drake said in an interview. "That's probably my greatest upset, was the fact that it couldn't be on the physical disc and be a part of that album. 'Darlin' ' was a loss just because it was never mixed, and every time I hear it in the club, you can never really hear the words...Most of the music we held for a long time, and the stuff that did leak, it was pretty good references. It wasn't anything I was too upset about. 'Shut It Down' leaking early was painful. I think it could have been a bigger record had it not been out there so long. And 'Fall for Your Type' I wish was on there, but I have other plans for that record, so it's gonna be good." (MTV)


zEE hazE - Am I Wrong (Mixtape)

Woo, day early. zEE wanted it up today so here you go. The first ever Dolo-sponsered mixtape, Am I Wrong.


zEE hazE - Am I Wrong (Back Cover Art)

There goes the tracklist, producer credits, and back cover art for the Dolo-sponsered Am I Wrong mixtape. Official drop date is tomorrow right here on the Dolo.

Wale - More About Nothing (Mixtape)

The highly anticpated follow up to, The Mixtape Aboout Nothing, is finallhy here!!! Download this, like now.


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